Danae Harris

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👋 Hi, my name is

Danae Harris.

A few cool things I’ve built recently:

  • A web app built with Vue using PandaDoc’s API to integrate signature verification for Lenovo.
  • Custom behavioral analytics in Laravel for a Verizon business site.
  • A landing page using storyblokStoryblok's headless content management API for Mercedes Benz.
  • An AR app built with Flutter and Wikitude for a financial brands trade show.

Personal projects I’m working on:

books on a bookshelf

A clean, beautiful interface for reading public-domain Project Gutenberg books.

Built with:

the add a moment screen

An app for saving your most important memories for the people you love.

Built with:

This app is a work-in-progress.

Kind words from great people I’ve worked with:

Danae is an excellent, driven developer. She excels at tackling problems head on with a focus on delivering high quality work. She is a great team player and is a pleasure to work with.

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Jordan Pittman

Staff Engineer at Tailwind

I have managed many developers, but I can only name a few who matured in skill so quickly under a short period of time. She started as an intern, became a full-time developer, and grew to become one of the most trusted members of the team. Her commitment, natural gifts, & dedication to detail are excellent.

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Stephen Miracle

Lead Developer at Cargo

Danae is a fantastic developer and teammate. She is a passionate self taught full stack developer that is constantly improving her development skills. Danae is a selfless coworker that is always willing to pause the tasks she is working on to help her teammates. I believe she would make a great addition to any team!

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Aidan Pierce

Developer at SAIC